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There's a Cloud in Every Silver Lining - Downside to Fewer Violent Deaths: Transplant Organ Shortage Grows (New York Times headline)


Zero Tolerance, Jurassic Edition: Alex Stone did not, in fact, kill his neighbor’s pet dinosaur. “First of all,” said his mother, “we don’t have dinosaurs anymore.” But the 16-year-old did write about buying a gun and shooting such a beast when he was told to write a Facebook status as part of an in-class writing assignment at Summerville (S.C.) High School. And that, he says, led to his suspension — and his arrest. He’s hired a lawyer to fight both. Meanwhile, local police deny that Stone was arrested for “anything involving a dinosaur or writing assignment.” They say he got “very irate” and disruptive when school officials questioned him about what he wrote, and he was charged because of his “conduct.” (WCSC Charleston) ...On the bright side, they think arresting someone for a writing assignment is something to deny.



Insurance Quotes - The other car collided with mine without giving warning of its intention.