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Hey... check out these places!!
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Hey... check out these places!!

Been there yet??...?.. Check out their menu and baking schedule


Tues - Fri 8a 'til 6p

Sat 9a 'til 3p

Closed Sun & Mon

On King St??? Looking for awesome donuts?? Check them out. This is what UrbanSpoon has to say about them.

Ph# (843) 414.7320   162 Spring St. Chas.  11a-9p Tues-Thurs / 11a-11p Fri-Sat

Closed Mondays

This place is on Society Street, downtown, around the corner from Dumas Clothing. Chocolate, great coffee, chocolate, sandwiches... did I say chocolate??? Visit them when downtown - 90 Society St., Chas.

Hey, here's a cool coffee shop over in Park Circle. Great tunes on the iPod, good coffee, pastries and vibe. Say hello to Julie for us!!