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 Happy Birthday to Kate Martinez, Billy Newkirk,Jessica Brewer, Vernon Knox, Jason Craig, Jack Black & Honey Boo-boo. 



Just in case the heat is getting to you...


My first job was working in an Orange Juice factory, but I got canned. Couldn't concentrate...




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Alcohol and Florida Don’t Mix: According to a Gainesville, Fla., police report, Joseph Carl, 48, rear-ended a vehicle at a stop light. Carl then jumped out of his truck and started banging on the window of the vehicle he hit. Concerned for his own safety, that driver drove off. Carl had left his pickup truck in gear and, without the other vehicle holding it in place, it began to roll forward. Carl, standing in front of the vehicle, held out his hands, but the truck ignored his signal and ran over him. When police and ambulance crews arrived, Carl refused treatment, but when they noticed him stumbling and allegedly smelling of alcohol, they asked him if he’d been drinking. Carl claimed to have drunk only three beers before driving, but officers spotted an open beer and several empty cans in Carl’s truck. When he started complaining of foot pain, Carl was taken to the hospital and treated for a broken foot and hand — and a blood test revealed a blood alcohol level of .22 percent — nearly three times the legal limit. (MS/Gainesville Sun) ...And the truck claimed it only had three quarts of oil.