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Lighthouse Vineyard Sat 20 1-5p The Jimmiesgoing to the beautiful town of Walterboro to ply our trade. It's a nice way to spend a day trip and see some of Carolina's countryside.
Planet Follywood  Sat 20 @ 10p The Jimmies Jimmi S - sax, vocals; Jimmie B - bass, vocals; Timmy D (cousin) - drums, vocals and Jimmy G on guitar, vocals. We never spell our names alphabetically...
Benefit for Marie Sat 20  11 - 6 Here's the line-up for the Folly Angel Benefit for Marie Andrus: 12-1a Sweet T n A; 1-2p Dan Clamp; 2-3p Shakin' Martinis and friends; 3-4p Norman Bishop; 4-5p Calhoun Calling. The venue is located between Planet Follywood and Crab Shack... we havin' a Party (Sam Cooke)!!!
Planet Follywood  Sat 11 @ 10p The Jimmies Jimmi P - keyboards, vocals; Jimmie B - bass, vocals; Jimy D - drums and Jimmy G on guitar, vocals. Saturday nites alright for dancin'!!
The Grill & Island Bar Sat 18 @ 5p The Martinis right after Follypalooza ends - we begin!! So if you haven't seriously blown it out, swing by. Jason and his crew will keep the good times rollin'. Woo hoo!!!

Hey check out this website for all the questions you wanted to ask about Charleston but were afraid to ask...

       for booking information: Rick Martinez
                                          843-588-6277 h
                                          843.478.5987 c 

Yes Virginia... we are available for weddings and private parties....

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