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Hey everybodies --- Summer is officially here! After having very nice weather the last couple of weeks, the weather I’m familiar with this time of year had decided to settle in. So this morning when I stepped outside… WOW! It felt like an October morning - - thanks Larry D for that weather report. I saw in the paper a few weeks back that the state of SC is courting the film industry to shoot more movies here in our fair state. I guess they didn’t learn their lesson from the Reckless TV show filmed here. Caught a couple of episodes to see what all the fuss was about… tempest in an SOB teacup I say… anyway, I missed this week’s episode because two things were on better this Sunday night – I’m talking BINGE watching people!! 552, count ‘em, five hundred fifty two episodes of Every Simpson Ever Marathon for the next 12 days, back to back and Breaking Badddd Binge from start to finish @ 5p on AMC!! Who could care about Reckless when this stuff is on??!? Call me what you will… but don’t call me late for supper… I’m just glad I don’t have to wrap aluminum foil around my TV antennae anymore. We’d like to thank everyone who came out to catch us last Sat nite @ Follywood and thanks to Kristina Connolly, Erin Haggerty and Jimmy Landry for sitting in with us that evening. It was a packed house and looked like everyone had a good time. We’ll be at the Charleston Rifle Club this Sat nite with everyone’s favourite Diva tagging along. Starting @ 8p and open to the public. As summer comes to a close, have fun this weekend and we’ll try better next year to be on the beach playing our little hearts out. Mark your calendars for the upcoming Folly Beach First Annual Jazz Festival, scheduled for Nov. 1& 2, it’s FREE and open to all visitors, locals and enthusiasts... here's their link or and get all the happenings. Don’t forget every Wednesday at The Grill, our Folly Farmer’s Market kicks up @ 5p with a little sumptin for everyone. Every Sunday Jazz @ The Grill from 5-8p, hosted by the vivacious and talented Starr Acheson with a host of rotating musicians. Don't say we didn't tell you so. Island Duo @ The Crab Shack on Thursday nites 7-10. Catch some steel drum action. Sushi by Lisa is Tues thru Fri at The Drop In, it's magnifico!! As always, thank you so much for coming out, being there and hanging with us, y'all ROCK and weYya baby!!! FaceBook us!! Happy Laborless Day weekend y’all!!

This is awful... but you got to watch it!!!

The Shakin' Martinis are:

Rikkie Ruude - vocals, electric, acoustic and bass guitars, percussion
Jake Obi - vocals, rhythm, lead, bass guitars and sax
U.B. Pickens - bass, pedal steel guitar and steel drum
Shantel - vocals, percussion
Rick Stringer - what else??? drums.

and our sometime Martini:
Matt "The Lip" Kearney - vocals and killer sax




Thursday night he gradually came to. Stiff as a board and in pain in the hospital's ICU, with tubes up his nose & down his throat, wires monitoring every function and a gorgeous nurse hovering over him. 
It was obvious he'd been in a serious car accident.
She gave him a deep and steady heartfelt look straight in the eyes and he heard her slowly say, “You may not feel anything from the waist down.”
He somehow managed to mumble in reply, “Well, can I feel your tits, then?”