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Hey all y'all --- Well... I don't know where it went, but summer is over and the seasons that I really favor are here!! Fall - with it's oyster season kicking in and football. Seems like this year though, lots of controversy happening.  Anyway, winter too! I love those cool evenings when we have a fire in the back yard, sip a Benchwarmer and strum some guitar. I read an article that we're still looking for other life in distant galaxies... Who'd want to contact this species with all the mess we live in?? If there is life out there, capable of visiting us (UFOs), it would seem they've seen enough and know better. There's probably a holographic image that says "Do Not Enter" in space somewhere hovering over our blue abode. Cut off the coffee!! Mark your calendars as Folly is going to be getting busy in the next couple of weeks. This weekend, a benefit for our friend Marie Andrus given by The Folly Angels. Tomorrow from 11a-6p a $15 donation, door prize, raffle, BBQ w/fixin's, silent auction, bake sale, dunk tank (DJ in this??), candy and music line-up is planned for the afternoon. Tix on sale @ Planet Follywood, Crab Shack and Mr. John's. Come together people!! Next up - Follypalooza, Saturday Oct.18. The Facebook page has all the info you need. So plan to come out and support this very good cause. Next, Folly Beach First Annual Jazz Festival, scheduled for Nov. 1 & 2, it’s FREE and open to all visitors, locals and enthusiasts... here's their link or get all the happenings. Be early to buy your tix for the Big Band concert - Starr says this is the event to not miss!!! It will be on the pier, the last time a Big Band played the pier was in 1947 when Bob Crosby (Bing’s brother) brought his orchestra to the old pier. I understand only 200 tix are available - so don't dawdle!! Don’t forget every Wednesday at The Grill, our Folly Farmer’s Market kicks up @ 5p with a little sumptin for everyone. Every Sunday Jazz @ The Grill from 5-8p, hosted by the vivacious and talented Starr Acheson with a host of rotating musicians. Don't say we didn't tell you so. Island Duo@ The Crab Shack on Thursday nites 7-10. Catch some steel drum action. Sushi by Lisa is Tues thru Fri at The Drop In, it's magnifico!! As always, thank you so much for coming out, being there and hanging with us, y'all ROCK and weYya baby!!! FaceBook us!! Happy oysterin' y’all!!

The Shakin' Martinis are:

Rikkie Ruude - vocals, electric, acoustic and bass guitars, percussion
Jake Obi - vocals, rhythm, lead, bass guitars and sax
U.B. Pickens - bass, pedal steel guitar and steel drum
Shantel - vocals, percussion
Rick Stringer - what else??? drums.

and our sometime Martini:
Matt "The Lip" Kearney - vocals and killer sax




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